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A Matter of Excellence


Published by the nation’s largest higher education policy and advocacy organization, The American Council of Education, A Matter of Excellence: A Guide to Strategic Diversity Leadership and Accountability in Higher Education focuses on leading diversity-themed change in an intentional and evidenced-based manner.

A Matter of Excellence was authored for college and university presidents, chief diversity officers, executive leaders, diversity champions, diversity committee chairs, and leaders at all levels, interested in an abridged version of the Strategic Diversity Leadership Model.

It provides a framework for strategic leadership on diversity issues in academe, challenging the higher education community to face the imperatives of a new reality in which diversity is no longer simply a question of moral and social responsibility, but a matter of achieving excellence and gaining competitive advantages in the world we live in today.

Some topics include the strategic diversity leadership framework, diversity accountability, building your institutional diversity brand, financing campus diversity efforts, and defining your campus diversity rationale.