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More leadership. More inclusion. More strategy. More hope. More empowerment.

More is the idea that powers my manifesto as a leader, scholar, and educator as the challenges of our time demand:
  • That we spend more time empowering a generation of youth fearful for their future, giving them the tools they need to truly accomplish the American Dream;
  • That we are more intentional using evidence based practice to fulfill the promise of diversity and inclusion and spend less time talking about it;
  • That we do more to level the playing field of girl’s participation in STEM and utilize women and minorities as full participants at all levels of leadership;
  • That we do more to meet the challenge of the boys of color crisis, overturning the loss of an entire generation to violence, prison, and nihilism;
  • That we help more vulnerable communities to overcome a new digital divide, which has some children using technology to create, inspire, and lead; while others use it to bully, joke, and sit idle on the sidelines.
People see more and think more is easy. More is never easy.  More is struggle. More is every day!


Damon A. Williams, PhD
Leader, Scholar, Educator


Diversity Plans Can’t Breathe Without AIIRTM

January 31, 2018

2:00 p.m. EST | 11a.m. PST

Event Description:

Diversity plans can’t breathe without AIIR: Accountability, Incentives, Infrastructure, and Resources” is a free online learning event hosted by Dr. Damon A. Williams and the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership & Social Innovation. This is the second National Inclusive Excellence Webinar Summit event designed to support leaders to create real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities by using more evidenced based diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to drive change, create community, empower leaders, and inspire hope.

To work with Dr. Williams and bring the National Inclusive Excellence Tour to your organization please email – info@drdamonawilliams.com or call 1-833-CDO-HELP.