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Inclusive Excellence Tour Explainer Video:

This video explains the National Inclusive Excellence Tour, providing an overview of key components and impact for colleges and universities, companies, non-profits, k-12 institutions, and more.

University of Dayton Inclusive Excellence Tour Media Video:

See Dr. Williams featured in interviews and coverage associated with the launch of the National Inclusive Excellence Tour at the University of Dayton.

Follow Your Passion & Live With Purpose: Highlights from the Keystone 2016 National Conference

Be motivated by Dr. Williams 2016 excerpt on passion, purpose, and goals delivered at the largest teen conference in the United States, the BGCA National Keystone Conference.

Make America Great for All: Living A Life of Purpose, Service, and Leadership 2017 University of Michigan Commencement Address

Be inspired to embrace inclusive excellence and become a beast all over again with an excerpt from Dr. Williams University of Michigan 2017 graduation address.

Beyond Good Intentions: Confronting Our Bias to Change Our Community Keynote Speech

Experience the full 2016 University of Denver 15th Annual Diversity Summit on inclusive Excellence Luncheon keynote address.

University of Michigan Bicentennial Alumni Award Recognition Video

See Dr. Williams acknowledged as 1 of 20 trailblazing leaders awarded the University of Michigan Bicentennial Alumni Leadership Award as the University celebrates its 200 -year anniversary.

The Perfect Storm Elevating Diversity as a Strategic Priority

Learn more about the strategic environment elevating diversity as a matter of national security, economic development, and educational excellence.

Cultivating Diversity Change Agents

Learn how donor engagement and the process of cultivating diversity change agents are similar.

The Burning Questions of Inclusive Excellence

Learn more about the 5 key questions that drive Dr. Williams research, leadership, and innovation agenda.

21st Century Skills: Digital Literacy

Learn more about digital literacy and it’s critical importance for millennial and centennial generations.

Preparing Students for a Diverse & Global World

Learn more about why the 21st century diversity paradigm is about preparing a new generation of leaders equipped with the socio-emotional skills required to lead in a world that is diverse, global, and interconnected.

Innovating Faculty Diversity: Key Ideas for Leading Real Change

Learn more about Dr. William’s perspective on the challenge and possibilities of innovating faculty diversity, filmed as part of his residency at the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Centennial Generation: Understanding the Digital Intuitives

Learn more about the Centennials, the generation born after 1997, who are mobile first, and as Dr. Williams refers to them, are “digital intuitives” in this excerpt from his keynote speech given to the Beyond School Hours 2017 National Conference community.

A Fathers Love: The Remix

Dr. Williams gives an inspiring message of love, community, and hope at the 2014 Luke Conference, an intergenerational community event themed “I Want My Children to Do Better Then Me: Preparing Today’s Child for Tomorrow’s Workforce.” Dr. Williams shares a personal and introspective letter that he wrote to celebrate his daughter on their first father’s day – “The Remix.”

Challenging a Movement To Lead: More Teens, More Often

Be inspired as Dr. Williams challenges the Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Movement to meet the challenge of serving more teens, and expanding the pipeline into the academy and workforce. Given at the 2015 BGCA National conference, this is the speech that launched BGCA’s teen campaign, which stopped a more than 10-year decline in teen membership.

Chancellor Rebecca Chopp Introducing Dr. Williams at the University of Denver

Chancellor Rebecca Chopp provides an insightful and ringing endorsement of Dr. Williams and his ground breaking publication, Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education.