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Strategic Diversity Leadership

Presents one of the most complete discussions of the theory, research, and practice of leading diversity themed change.

The Chief Diversity Officer

The most comprehensive publication on the role and design of the chief diversity officer capability ever authored for any audience.

Voice, Choice, Access, & Passion

Defines the Centennial Generation as individuals born after 1997 and outlines key themes about their diversity, technology, and social media tendencies.

A Matter of Excellence

Focuses on leading diversity-themed change in an intentional and evidenced-based manner.

The Chief Diversity Officer: A Primer for College and University Presidents

Offers strategic guidance for leaders interested in understanding the foundational archetypes of CDO structure, how to design the CDO role for effectiveness and key principles for helping new CDO’s get off to a fast start.

Toward a Model of Inclusive Excellence

Offers a framework for comprehensive organizational change to help campuses achieve inclusive excellence.

The Role of the Chief Diversity Officers in Academic Medicine

The first guidance on how to design, optimize, and position the Academic Health Center CDO role for success.