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Motivational Keynote Speech

Motivational Keynote Speech

Schedule a customized keynote for your conference, symposium, graduation, forum, or annual meeting. Each keynote is tailored to the specific audience and is informed by the multifaceted and unique perspective that Dr. Williams brings as a scholar, leader, and change agent, having led one of the nation’s largest social impact portfolio’s, having created programs that directly empower 4M diverse youth, and having served as a leader in the higher education, corporate, and social sectors.

Always engaging, inspiring, and entertaining, his talks span from the formal commencement speech to the authoritative research seminar, to “Ted-Talk” like stories of hope and possibility, to dynamic conversations with audiences of all sizes, backgrounds, and levels of seniority.

Speeches build from the best-selling and popular publications, Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education, The Chief Diversity Officer: Strategy, Structure, and Change Management, Towards A Model of Inclusive Excellence and Change, and Voice, Choice, Access, and Passion: Preparing the Centennial Generation for Leadership.

Specific topic include understanding the Centennial and Millennial generations, grit, and resilience, following your passion and purpose, future proofing your institution for diversities perfect storm, leading change, improving the campus and organizational climate, diversity plans and accountability, increasing student graduation and academic success, enhancing faculty and C-Suite diversity, establishing successful STEM education and workforce development initiatives, overcoming the boys of color crisis, developing high caliber corporate and social responsibility initiatives, and creating evidence-based youth development programs, chief diversity officer roles, diversity return on investment, and inclusion initiatives.