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Organizational Climate & Evaluation Research

Organizational Climate & Evaluation Research

Request a customized research project to understand and improve your organization’s climate and culture.

Studies will be designed for executives, students, faculty, staff, leadership, boards, and alumni leveraging best-practice quantitative and qualitative research techniques. These studies are designed to achieve strong response rates, protect confidential information, and enhance diverse group participation (e.g. race, gender, LGBTQ, religious, etc.), leverage state of the art instrumentation, and create actionable research reports to drive planning, accountability, and change.

The final research product is much more than a power-point presentation, or a simple presentation of descriptive statistics. The complete delivery will assist your organization to translate data into actionable insights, new strategy, organizational understanding and buy-in, and change.

The complete package includes:

  1. Comprehensive Research Report, including an interpretation of key findings and recommendations for action
  2. Qualitative Theme Book
  3. Power-Point Report Presentation
  4. Learning Forum Sessions with key audiences
  5. Database and Code Book for continuing analyses, and
  6. Talking Points Document for Senior Leaders.

For optimal impact, the study can be linked with a Strategic Planning Accelerator Institute, to drive greater interpretation, engagement, and activation of the diversity, equity, and inclusion change journey.