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Strategic Diversity Leadership


This book presents one of the most complete discussions of the theory, research, and practice of leading diversity themed change.

Strategic Diversity Leadership was written for presidents, provosts, chief diversity officers, deans, researchers, committee chairs, policy makers, and diversity champions everywhere. Based on research from 800 institutions and more than 200 hours of audio recorded interviews, it covers topics like accountability, overcoming resistance, building high caliber diversity plans, leading diversity program reorganization, assessing diversity outcomes, developing diversity committees, and building the academic and businesses cases for diversity.

It answers several critical questions. Like, why is diversity so important in the new economy? What is diversity? How can college and university leaders engage issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a strategic priority? Based on a decade of research, buttressed by rigorous analysis, and infused with engaging stories, Williams enumerates the key frameworks for defining diversity and leading change, principles of what he refers to as strategic diversity leadership, developing high impact diversity plans, financial strategies to fund diversity, building accountability systems, developing high caliber diversity committees, and other topics.

This book offers a new paradigm for leading and researching diversity efforts as an organizational change effort in higher education and has cross-sector relevance for diversity champions in the corporate, non-profit, government, and k-12 sectors.