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The Chief Diversity Officer


The Chief Diversity Officer is the most comprehensive publication on the role and design of the chief diversity officer capability ever authored for any audience.

Co-authored with Dr. Katrina Wade-Golden and based on their research into the CDO role across organizational life, this book is part of the Diversity Leadership Set. It investigates questions like, what is a chief diversity officer, and how do you optimally design this role for organizational success?  Notably, it offers the Chief Diversity Officer Development FrameworkTM as a comprehensive design and research model to guide the discussion of strategy, structure, lateral coordination, change management, and relevant CDO competencies required to lead in the role.

It defines the CDO role, core competencies of the position, archetypes of vertical structure, design principles for developing effective roles, how to get off to a fast start as a new officer, an in-depth comparison of the higher and corporate CDO, as well as data on the CDO capabilities of nearly 800 institutions.

It offers an evidence-based approach to not only developing the CDO role but also conducting research efforts to understand the role and its effectiveness across sectors.  A classic, this book offers much needed guidance to support leaders and their organizations as they look to develop this essential leadership role as part of the 21st century executive team of organizations the higher education, corporate, non-profit, government, and k-12 sectors.