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The Strategic Diversity Leadership Institute

The Strategic Diversity Leadership Institute

Schedule a customized Institute experience, to drive institutional change and impact across multiple days.

The Strategic Diversity Leadership Institute (SDLI) includes an Inclusive Excellence Residency that takes place over a period of several months. It is designed for organizations that are in the middle of a planning process and would like strategic support, creating a common understanding of the best practices of strategic diversity leadership, getting the entire community on the same page, building evidence-based practices in their strategy and working with a seasoned external consultant throughout the various phase of creating a new diversity plan or initiative.

The SDLI may include and is not limited to campus presentations, coaching of senior leaders and chief diversity officers, institutional assessments of key diversity goals and principles, virtual strategy meetings, review of campus diversity programs, plans, data, and initiatives, institutional diversity benchmarking, analyses of proprietary diversity data sets, and partnering with campus diversity committees and leaders to develop, optimize, and drive institutional change strategies.

The institute also includes focused strategic planning sessions with key leaders and committee members to drive the development of a clear and actionable plan for engagement.